Back Alley

A multiplayer level design exploring vertical lanes and sights.


Back Alley Top Down

Design Objectives

1. Create a "vertical" figure eight. Lead the character around the same environment using different lanes and heights.
2. Create two distinct environments, the difference in social class is shown through verticality.
3. Create a world worth exploring. The world seems big due to buildings and objects that are unreachable, however, there is plenty of objects and places to search for in this small set.
4. There's a world outside of the character. Even in the blockout, I wanted players to feel like each piece and character has personality through level design.
5. Create different types of combat arenas. Larger area for bigger brawls, longer lanes for long/medium gunfights, and tighter corners for close up combat.
6. Options for various combat approaches, direct and more stealthy

Next Steps

I want to move the blockout into an engine that allows for testing. I'll most likely CS:GO and Valve's Hammer Editor. The layout has a lot of 90 degree portions, I want to break those up to converge sightlines for a more offense vs defense feel throughout the gameplay. This quick sketch shows some of these ideas, though not finalized.


Layout Update

Back Alley Run Through

©2020 Bruce Evans

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