They call me Bruce.

I like to design, code, and make 3D art.

I currently live just south of Los Angeles and work at Blizzard Entertainment as a technical artist for Blizzard Animation. When I'm not writing shaders or fixing rigs, I enjoy learning about interaction and its impact on storytelling. How can we take what we know about stories and combine them with player agency? I'm currently working on mechanics and procedural-level design systems that seek to answer part of this question.

Before working for one of the greatest gaming companies in the world, I freelanced as a technical artist and tool developer at Pixologic and earned my MFA in Design at The Ohio State University.

Outside of tech and computer graphics, I enjoy studying Japanese and world history. I lived in Sendai, Japan for two years and I'm excited to live in Japan again sometime in the future. Beer and yummy food are also pretty rad.

Long live interactive stories.

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