A fan made Overwatch map.


Manitoba top down

Design Objectives

1. Create an asymmetrical level design
2. Create ample flank access
3. Limit the verticality to allow for the strengths of various characters (but not too much)
4. Create three distinct "zones"
5. Create a space that is easy for the offense at the start and more difficult for the defense
6. The opposite at the end of the map, easier for defense, more difficult for the offense
7. Balance the chokes and checkpoints
8. Give advantages to each zone
          - The first zone is more open, better for DPS and hitscan characters
          - The second is tight and windy with lots of passages, great for flanking characters
          - The third is balanced to tip the advantage to the defense, ample cover and more open spaces
9. Opportunities for environmental hazards that don't feel forced and unfair
10. Create a map that works with the (fan) lore of Overwatch

Next Steps

I want to move the blockout into an engine that allows for testing. I've been playing with Valve's Hammer Editor and the TF2 mod tools.  Although not exactly Overwatch, the gameplay is similar enough to test the map. I've also updated the layout to allow for a longer first leg and modified the play area theme.  Currently it's the mine entrance, but Overwatch maps are usually a little longer and the theme changes are more drastic. I want to shift the first leg of the map to a mine ghost town that leads to the mouth of the mine.


Manitoba V2 Sketch

manitoba close ups

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